Let’s be honest…all of us.

Obviously, I’m a procrastinator. I mean even this post is late AF.  Christmas is T minus 5 days away and I realize in a perfect world all your Christmas shopping is already done, so I debated doing this super last minute post at all, but here it is. Christmas or not, these are some sweet gifts that won’t break the bank and will make your life easier and/or healthier!

Each of these items are musthaves for me year round, but with genuine and obligatory gift buying in full force, I wanted to share in the hopes that they might become some of your musthaves too! Sure, any of these items can be given as gifts to others…that’s technically what the Holidays are all about, right? But when is the last time you bought something for yourself? Treat yourself! I won’t tell and Amazon won’t either.


I truly don’t know how I lived without an instapot. I’ve blocked out my life before one. I’m sure you’ve already heard allll the buzz, but in the event that you live under a rock (like me) this one appliance replaces a slew of other devices (think crockpot, slow cooker, rice cooker, and more) AND cooks meals in magic time. **Poof!** Meal = done.

There are different sizes depending on your personal needs but the 8-quart is currently on sale and a better buy than the 6-quart. I have the 8-quart (which is on sale) and I was initially worried it might be too big. It’s not. I’m glad I got the bigger one because I can meal prep for the week and/or freeze leftovers. #score

Essential oil diffuser

There are a myriad of diffusers on the market. I have tried many and have a different one in each room of my house. (I even have this car diffuser that I LOVE. Especially when I’m sitting in traffic stressed AF.) This is one of my favorite diffusers, but depending on your preference you can find a ton of others to meet your needs. Some have timers, some light up, some have rotating lights, etc so it just depends on what you like. For more essential oil tips/myths read my post here.

Himalayan salt lamp

I have talked about these before but I love them so much I can’t help share again. I have one in each bedroom in my house and I even have one in my cubicle at work. You can read more about the benefits of Himalayan salt lamps here and how to decide which one to get. Aka make sure you get a REAL one made in Pakistan. If it doesn’t specify that it was made in Pakistan, it’s likely not real. It will still be beautiful, but may not have the same (theoretical) purifying properties.  

Sleep induction mat

I have never had acupuncture (it’s on my list for 2019) but I LOVE my sleep mat, which basically relies on the principals of acupressure to relax the muscles and relax your body for sleep. I know–it looks very barbaric–but it’s not as bad as it looks. The spikes do not puncture your skin, folks. Swearsies. I lay on mine for 10-30 minutes before I go to sleep and I truly notice deeper, better sleep. Plus, I love that it rolls up so it’s compact and I even travel with mine because it’s so convenient to pack. I have the Bulletproof sleep induction mat, but at the time of this post they are currently out of stock but this is another similar option that is actually cheaper and has great reviews. 

Blue light blocking glasses

I am sensitive to harsh/aggressive white or blue light, especially at night. Plus, blue light exposure before bed has been proven to have potential harmful effects on your health. So I have ‘nightshift mode’ enabled on my phone and I wear these blue light blocking glasses at night. They aren’t the most sexy…but they work! I have these ones, which are a little welder-chic, but they work for me. Bonus visual: if I don’t have my contacts in, I put these on OVER my glasses and it’s even sexier. Not that people are recognizing blue light as a ‘thing’ they have come out with more stylish blocking glasses like these (that I just bought). 

Stainless steel water bottle

Folks, if you’re still drinking out of disposable plastic water bottles, why not invest in a stainless steel (or glass) water bottle that you can reuse? Plus, they keep your beverage of choice hot or cold all day (seriously). Better for your health (plastic water bottles can leech toxic chemicals and hormones into your blood–no thanks!), better for your bank account, and most importantly, better for your mother (Earth).

No cut gloves

I just discovered these recently after one too many cheese grater mishaps and a couple close calls with a kitchen knife. I had to get the kids size (don’t judge) but these are the adult version. They are flexible, you can wash them and you can chop and grate without fear.

True Food Kitchen giftcard

This is one of my favorite restaurants. Healthy yet delicious seasonal food? Yes, please! I realize it is a location specific gift so it may not be applicable to all, but if you or someone you know lives near one of their restaurants this is an easy way to get free yummy food. Until 12/31 for each $100 gift card you purchase, you get a$20 gift card free! You can buy for others obviously, but I buy them for myself because I know I’m going to eat there anyway on the regular so why not get a $20 freebee? Also fun: you can fill out a card to whoever you are sending it to and someone hand writes the card and mails it. The message on my card?:

To: Trish

From: Trish

Message: You’re gonna love this place!  

I can’t help but wonder what the person was thinking when they had to write out the card…

Each of these are gifts are definitely ‘hits’ in my opinion no matter if you’re gifting to others or yourself. You can’t go wrong. Cheers to better health with these gifts in 2019! 

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